The Old Man and the Gun

The Old Man and the Gun Release Date


The Old Man and the Gun is a classic film, which was produced and created in the USA. All the events, which are shown here, are dazzling. These such genres are combined, as drama, comedy, and criminal. The film The Old Man and the Gun will appear on the movie screens in the year of 2017.


Here in the main roles, you will see the following actors in a cast:

  • Casey Affleck.
  • Robert Redford.
  • Sissy Spacek.

In the role of director, you will see David Lowery. Among the producers, we must underline Bill Holderman, Anthony Mastromauro, Dawn Ostroff, Robert Redford, Jeremy Steckler, James D. Stern, James M. Johnston. The screenwriters are David Lowery and David Grann.


Here in the main role, you will see the old man, who can struggle with the competitors by making all the deals for his death accidental. The more the frame opens, the cunning the detractors will become. And their main mission is to stay uninvolved to the death of the band members. Some of the military warriors, who were in Afghanistan in the year of 1980th say, that some of the moment in this film are similar to those, which are presented in the real life of such dangerous time.

The main revelation is the actor by the name Alexander Dedushko. With help of this film, he will become a well-known artist. In the center of the plot, you will see the major Saratov, who was the commander of military people for ages. Now he disappeared and a lot of years he just wandered, and then return to the USSR. But some of the people were not glad to see him.

The government of the native country will tell about desertion and treason, so he was left to the prison. Several years he was here and then the government gave him a chance to change everything. He got the new task, in which he must capture the American coach. Because without that man the soviet reconnaissance will lose an opportunity to injure the European countries and the USA.


That is the film with the adorable plot and professional actors. So, while watching it, you will have a lot of good feelings. The dazzling film will appear in broadcast this year, so when you have enough free time, you must watch it – that will help you to know some historical facts and to spend the time in the pleasant company.

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