True Detective Season 3

True Detective Season 3 Release Date


That is an anthology crime drama TV series, which was written by Nic Pizzolatto. The HBO channel started to show season premiere and a lot of people enjoy that serial at all. The premiere started in January in the year of 2014. But now we are going to talk about the third season of the serial.


The third season is full of interesting and exciting moments. But first of all, you must pay attention to the next actors in this cast, who have brilliant and excellent play:

Woody Harrelson.

Matthey McConaughey.

Michael Potts.

Michelle Monaghan.

Collin Farrell.

Tory Kittles.

Taylor Kitsch.

Rachel McAdams.

Vince Vaughn.

Kelly Reilly.

The executive producers are Richard Brown, Steve Golin, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, Cary Joji Fukunaga and Scott Stephens. The composer is T Bone Burnett.


In the center of attention, we can see the patrol officer and war veteran by the name of Paul Woodrugh. He had discovered the dead body of a famous businessman and he decide to work on this deal. But, when he understood, that it will be rather complicated to do everything alone, he asked for a help and two officers will help him in it.

The criminal investigation lasts long because there wouldn’t any idea, where the murder was held and who is the guilty person. The detectives and Simon realized, that here involved a conspiracy group, who were the police officers in the past. So, it was rather hard work for the detective, but they did their bests.


The True Detective 3 season release date is the 9th February this year. Also, it can be named as season air date. That season is a crime drama with elements of detective and mystery, so children mustn’t watch it at all. Each new episode will be very interesting.

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