Steam Controller Release Date

Steam controller release date
Steam controller release date is yet to be announced officially. When will be able to buy this high –end controller?
Trusted source of PC Gamer, Valve is aware of plans for a draft Steam Machines, said during the event PAX East 2014, that the innovative game controller Steam Controller will enter the market any time soon.  Obviously Valve plans to begin selling the device only in October-November this year.
The current prototype Steam Controller was introduced in mid-March. In this version of the device Valve finally decided to get rid of the central touch screen in favor of a more traditional physical buttons between large tactile control region. This was done in order to improve the compatibility and improve convenience.
The inside news about Steam controller release date:
PC Gamer reports that it is the completion of the Steam Controller is a major deterrent to market much of the "steam engines" of the first wave. Thus, the first Steam Machines devices come to market later this year – in time for the Christmas season to increase sales.

Steam controller release date is scheduled

Source PC Gamer also reports that at the time of the system catalog of games, performed directly on the platform SteamOS, will consist of 500 items. Currently, the number of such projects is 382 – the rest of the game needs to run on Windows-based system and streamed transfer device that is running SteamOS.
Valve is known for its slowness to release products, but usually the wait is justified. Let’s see whether the company achieve success with the concept of open gaming systems for living rooms.

The approximate Steam controller release date is winter of 2015.
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