Windows 10 Release Date

Windows 10 release date

Windows 10 release date was announced.  This question bothers everyone who wants to get and try the new version of the popular operating system from Microsoft. After all Windows 8 was released in 2012.
Earlier there were rumors on the Web that the new Windows 10 can come as early as mid-2015. But we now know first-hand when it released the final version of the platform for personal computers.
CEO Kevin Turner said in an interview with Japanese agency Nikkei, that Windows 10 will be released next fall.

Windows 10 release date was confirmed

It will work with the search engine Bing, cloud services, personal assistant Cortana and data storage OneDrive. Already, there is a test version of its Technical Preview, which anyone can download by Microsoft.
About the price of Windows 10 is not currently reported, there is insider information, it may not be very expensive or even be free of charge (would like to).

Windows 10 release date is Fall 2015.
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