VR Glasses Fove Release Date

VR Glasses Fove release date

VR Glasses Fove release date was announced. What do you know about one more competitive device to the most popular VR glasses titled as Oculus Rift.

Perhaps every gamer at least once wanted to get his favorite game and relive the events through which his favorite game character. Take a ride behind the wheel of the car at any time, but the fly in the cockpit of a military fighter or reincarnated into the present knight – alas, is impossible. That is what you may get with VR Glasses Fove premiere.
It is a complete immersion in the virtual world developers thought of virtual glasses FOVE, which began to raise funds for the project on the website Kickstarter. They hope to create enough competition Oculus VR. The main distinguishing feature FOVE – is tracking the player view that is the game engine will respond to not only turn heads but on the slightest movement of the eyes. That’s according to the leader of Yuki Fodjima should increase the so-called immersive and complete immersion into the world of VR glasses.

VR Glasses Fove release date was announced

By the way, Fove creators want to expand the functionality of these VR Glasses, so they can be used not only for gaming purposes. One of these areas of "work" was a sort of pharmacological use. With these glasses, the company wants to be a great help to people with disabilities. For example, you can use these glasses to play a musical instrument without using your hands – just by look. The developers are planning to hit the market in May 2016, but how they got it, only time will tell.
VR Glasses Fove release date is scheduled for May 2016.
There is some information that the new VR device will cost about $400.
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