Toyota Prius 2016 Release Date

Toyota Prius 2016 release date

Toyota Prius 2016 release date has been announced. The previous Prius 2016 release date planned for summer of 2015 was transferred.

In 1997, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has created a new flagship line of budget class – Toyota Prius. During the time the car is beginning to enjoy a certain degree of popularity, sales figures grew and special claims to the quality of execution no one expressed. For example, the first model was on sale during 6 years.
After such success of Toyota Prius premiere, the designers decided to make a new generation of vehicles. Then the second version immediately became happy. In the US, she was awarded several prizes (just imagine that the Americans, who love heavy vehicles recognized roomy Toyota Prius release as the best car in North America in 2004). The worldwide sales grew rapidly.

Features of new Toyota Prius 2016

New Prius 2016 combines two basic approaches in terms of hybrid versions of the car. Here there is the engine and the electric motor were added. Moreover, the first charges the battery, and the function of the second movement is in full compliance. The new version of Toyota Prius 2016 should appear in the next year, intrigued by its decision in this matter. On the one hand, in these times you can switch to a fully electric version. But experience in sales and research and development Toyota show that the surest way is to combine all the same. The motor can still remain volume of 1.5 liters. It can power up to 78 hp versus 70 hp electric motors for a total give good torque and the speed limit can reach quite worthwhile.

Technical characteristics of new Toyota Prius 2016

Toyota Prius is a city car. Its dimensions are perfect for parking in difficult conditions, at the time, as you know, to find a place in large metropolitan areas is difficult. The second important component – is fuel consumption. Toyota Prius 2016 is quite an economical car. In a city the fuel consumption is not more than 8 liters per 100 km in the country, this figure will decrease by 3-3.5 liters.


The new generation of Toyota Prius 2016 will remain virtually unchanged. Interestingly, little will change the front bumper, which will give the car a better sporty look for youth. This has changed with the optics. Now the lights will become acuter with the notches. All materials that are used in the assembly of Toyota Prius can be called a high-quality, so that meet all standards of eco-standards in Europe.

Toyota Prius 2016 release date has been announced

About new Toyota Prius 2016 release date

First of all, there has been unconfirmed information that the third generation will appear on sale earlier than the summer of 2015 but it is not necessary. At the same time, the Japanese company does not make any official statements, despite the questioning of journalists. Let’s start with design. The new version will be more ergonomic. The delay of Toyota Prius 2015 release date is that Toyota is going to change the benchmark of new Toyota Prius to make it better for a younger audience. Hence, there will be a modified front bumper design mirrors and gratings, and, in general, the installation of an aluminum roof. For a while, there are no changes in the interior can be traced. There will still be a few modifications to suit every pocket. But even in the most expensive and the budget option all the materials from which the interior, especially of the high quality.
For now it is rumored that Toyota Prius 2016 release date is delayed up to summer of 2016.
While you are waiting please watch new Toyota Prius 2016 demonstration:

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