Skype Translator Release Date

Skype Translator release date

Skype Translator release date was announced. This question is raised by those who want to see and try out a new service from the translator of Skype and Microsoft. For those who do not know this program allows the use of a video call with partners from other countries to see and hear in the chat (currently only English and Spanish) automatic translation of the speech in the native language itself.
The beta testing of the program has already begun. In the live chat at the moment available for the test more than 40 languages. To participate in the test on-line interpreter version of the preview program is needed to be registered on the official site. Now tests are performed on the operating platforms Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 test builds.

Skype Translator release date was announced

To download Skype Translator will be after you register on this page Already, this program contains a large number of volunteers from around the world.

Skype translator release date was allowed for the first half of 2015.
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