Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date
Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is yet to be announced. User of Samsung flagship phones will have a chance to buy a new one in 2015.
We look forward to the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha, but that does not mean we cannot discuss the main flagship of the South Korean company Samsung Galaxy S6. The company has already started work on the phone and the first leak rumors begin to appear.
What about the release date of new Samsung Galaxy S6?
At the moment, not much is known, but due to several leaks and hints, we can make assumptions about the upcoming device. More detailed information will begin to appear a little later, particularly after the exhibition IFA, which will present the latest updates.
Samsung has an annual release cycle smartphones Galaxy S, from which the company rarely deviates. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S2, the South Korean company has introduced new smartphones slightly earlier or later than the exhibition MWC, so it is fair to assume that the Galaxy S6 will be presented during this time period.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is scheduled

The following year, MWC 2015 will be held from 2 to 5 March. Most likely, the Galaxy S6 presentation will take place not at the show, as usual for this special conference is held for a day or two before it starts. Similarly, Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy Note 4 to the exhibition IFA 2014.
Accurate information on the basis of price of Samsung Galaxy S6 – no, but it is unlikely that the smartphone will be cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S5, which at the start was sold at $ 972.
Given that the specifications will be better, and maybe even build a premium, you can expect a slight rise in price – about $ 1000.
Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is to be announced during March of 2015.
What to wait from the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

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