What is the Release Date for Windows 9?

When is the Release Date for Windows 9
What is the release date for Windows 9? Will it be as good and multi-functional as the previous operating system installment – Windows 8 by Microsoft?
There is a well-known fact that the new version of Windows OS (9 installment) will be soon released by the industry’s leader Microsoft. What will be added and changed in Windows OS 9?

The release date for Windows 9 is known

The resource Myce states that has at its disposal the 100% truthful information disclosing the updates of Microsoft’s new Windows 9 and Office 2015. Right now the ninth installment of Windows OS is in its alpha version testing. Tentatively it will be presented to public in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2015.
In Windows 9 will be an improved user interface with advanced features of Metro and Windows Defender, OneDrive and the new activation system. It will be also used the virtual assistant named Cortana, that is already used in the operating system Windows Phone 8.1.
The release date for Windows 9 is mid-2015 (approximately).

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