What is the Release Date for iPhone 6?

What is the Release Date for iPhone 6?
When is the release date for iPhone 6? Will the new smartphone by Apple be as productive and popular among users as previous installments?
During this year the Apple employees had to work really hard to finish all planned projects at time. As a result of this titanic work, the global smartphone market was replenished with two new Apple phones called – iPhone 5S and 5C.

The release date for iPhone 6 is confirmed

In addition, Apple announced its new OS upgrade – iOS 7 – that was built from scratch. Now the whole world asks Apple only one question – when is the release date for iPhone 6 and iOS 8? All Apple users wonder what technologies and inventions the company will choose to create new iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Wheter it will be upgrading of old hardware and software or development of the brand new mobile device and OS?

It is worth noting that iOS 7 has become a completely new operating system, that introduced a large number of new features. Some experts believe that the new iPhone 6 must completely diverge from the previous models of the iPhone 5 series. In iPhone 6 users expect to find a completely new design and concept.
The release date for iPhone 6 is the end of 2014, supposedly the fall of 2014.
Do you like the Apple products?  What would you like to see in iPhone6?

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