New Moto X Phone Release Date

Moto X release date
Moto X Phone release date was scheduled for the next year. Motorola has already announced new Moto X phone in September of 2014.

What about the Moto X Phone of 2014?

This top smartphone was already a familiar name, as in the previous leader Motorola – however, there remained only the old name of the model, and the characteristics themselves – have improved significantly.
New features of a 5.2-inch AMO-LED-display with support for 1080p-resolution are one of the greatest in Moto X Phone. All parameters of Moto X were carried out through quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz. RAM is 2GB, and the internal volume ranges from 16 to 32 GB. Batteries at 2,300 mAh, according to the promises of engineers, should be enough for a day of intense work. In the thickness of the thinnest point of the smartphone is only 3.8 mm, and gradually increasing to 9.9 mm. Weight of new Moto X phone – 144 grams. As before, the exterior of the device can change – by as cover back cover natural tree or four types of premium Horween leather from old American leather industry in Chicago.

Moto X release date was scheduledAbout the latest features of Moto X Phone released in 2014

The new 13-megapixel camera can shoot video with support for 4K-standard. To activate the camera of new Motorola Moto X phone is fast enough to shake twice to lock the image – suitable tap on any area of the screen. Get high-quality photo becomes easier – the camera automatically takes a few frames, so if someone blinked or blurred movement – you can see the preliminary or subsequent picture, choose the best. To achieve the correct lighting will help dual LED-flash, that is located around the lens and consists of two semi-circles.
Moto X allows changing standard voice treatment for Android-devices – on command of Self-do we can turn the front camera of the smartphone, and asking "how are you" it will be possible to know the exact time and a list of current tasks. It has built four infrared sensors, so switch your phone to silent mode or turn off the incoming call will be spending enough on him with his hand. In Motorola has also decided to offer a very original way to unlock – using the sticker on the skin c called Digital Tattoo. This "digital tattoo" is waterproof and can be kept on hand to 5 days.
Moto X Phone price for the US market is $ 500.

New Moto X Phone release date was scheduled for 2015.
What do you expect from the new Moto X Phone?

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