Mitsubishi L200 Release Date

Mitsubishi L200 release date

Mitsubishi L200 release date was finally confirmed. Check the latest news below.

Are you a fan of Mitsubishi cars? Then you are must be excited about the upcoming release of the brand new Mitsubishi L200 release date.
One of the best pickups of Mitsubishi Motors – Mitsubishi L200, after 9 years of expectation, finally gets the release date. In the fall of 2014 in Thailand, there was at first shown a new light car design made in Japan.


The design of the new model differs from its predecessor. In the first case, the engineers tried to create something like a futuristic vehicle, the L200 2015 model year, a few moves away from this idea. The designers have tried to make it more representative and sports cars, adding more chrome elements. And at first glance, the idea was a success.

Mitsubishi L200 release date was finally confirmed


As for the engines, the choice is quite extensive. Unlike previous versions, the new L200 offers a diesel power unit with a volume of 2.4 liters. At the same time, the engine power is 181 hp. The result was not outstanding, but this power is enough to feel confident on any parts of the road under any weather conditions.


As for prices, the new model in the simplest assembly will cost $ 24,000, which is almost 30% more than the same amount that is asking for more than the old Mitsubishi L200.
Mitsubishi L200 release date is planned for the Q4 of 2016.
For now watch the review of Mitsubishi L200:

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