iPhone 8 Release Date

iPhone 8 release date

iPhone 8 release date was rumored and discussed unofficially. The latest news is given further.

Apple specializes in the manufacture of high-tech gadgets including the most popular smartphone in the world – iPhone. It seems logical that this year we should expect for the 7th generation of iPhone since all the company’s products were always presented at the beginning of autumn. Take for example iPhone 6, which was presented to the world on August 9 of the previous year.

iPhone 8 release date was rumored

The rumored characteristics:

According to some unofficial rumors, there were leaked possible characteristics that will be in the new flagship of the American company – iPhone 8. Thus, they say, that the device will have a 6-inch OLED display. The main camera at the device will have a 14 megapixels and front camera with 4 mp. In addition, iPhone 8 is supposed to have 4GB of RAM. The cost of the new iPhone is unknown and there is no data on the processor. But it is clear that the cost of the iPhone 8 will depend on how much memory a buyer wants to get. Current iPhones are available with 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 GB of internal memory.
Approximate iPhone 8 release date is expected in Q4 of 2016.
For now watch the latest concept video of iPhone 7:

What do you think – will these rumors about iPhone 8 be confirmed or not?

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