iPhone 6C Release Date

iPhone 6C release date has been rumored

iPhone 6C release date has been rumored. When should we expect for iPhone 6C release?

As you know, Apple does not tolerate mistakes. Do you remember the leak of iPhone 5C photos before its release date? Seems that Apple made the same mistake on purpose – on the Internet there appeared photos of new Touch ID for presumably iPhone 6C release. When should we wait for iPhone 6C premiere? Perhaps, Apple will try to quietly around you replace an existing phone, send it to sell the same, only with the very sensor. Or they would rather yield a brand new iPhone 6c.
It seems that the second option has the right to life. Still the new sensor Touch ID can be a reason of iPhone 6C presentation. And now it’s safe to say that in this case iPhone 6C release date will be very soon – this fall. What the additional features of the phone will be, it is endowed with more remains unknown.

iPhone 6C release date

There is another side to the coin. If we take into account the first option, it is also the place to be if Apple would dare to step to upgrade iPhone 5C directly near the upcoming conference WWDC, which will be held from 8 to 12 in June this year. Incidentally, in this case, it looks quite cool. And the place for the presentation of iPhone 7 is free, and people are overly satisfied with unexpected step by the company.

Presumably we should wait for iPhone 6C release date to be announced in autumn of 2015 during the annual Apple press conference.
Watch the leaked screenshots of iPhone 6C:

Will you wait for iPhone 6C release date?

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