iPad 7 Release Date

iPad 7 release date
iPad 7 release date was confirmed. Apple will release in 2015 its biggest iPad of the 7th generation. This was reported by Bloomberg.
The new iPad will be 12.9-inch screen, the agency sources. It will be a iPad with the largest display, which is manufactured by – now it produces tablets with screens 9.7 and 7.9 inches. Issue to start in 2015.
Apple’s representatives did not comment on the information about the possible release of the new iPad.
Apple also launched the production of updated iPad with 9.7-inch screen. The plan is to release of an updated version of iPad Mini. In the sale they will do during the Christmas holidays, the sources said Bloomberg.

About the new iPad

In addition, the company plans to release a new iPhone with larger displays. Presentation of new models with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens will be held on September 9.
On the issue of a new model of iPad release, Bloomberg said in early August. Information about the release of new devices has led to a record rise in price of shares of Apple: August 19, they reached the level of $ 100.53 (up 1.4%) at the close of trading. Despite conducted in June stock split at a ratio of seven for one, the result surpassed the record in September 2012 – $ 100.30.

iPad 7 release date was confirmed

For new devices Apple has ordered screens from Japanese Sharp and Japan Display (for iPhone 6) and South Korea’s LG Display (other components). This summer, the company’s factory in China were to start serial assembly of a new model of smartphone. Start the party was determined to be 80 million copies.
Meanwhile it became known some of the technical details of the new devices. If iPhone screen size is 4 inches, then they were new products grow up to 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Screens of smartphones will be equipped with advanced sensors, able to respond differently to different pressing forces. In addition, the new iPhone will be thinner and will gain more rounded shape.

iPad 7 release date will be in the end of 2015.
What a new iPad will look like?

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