iOS 9 Launch Date in 2015

It is still questionable as to when Apple will release a new OS for their portable devices. iOS 8 was out quite recently, in fall 2014, but the users are already waiting for the new version of software for their iPHones, iPods, and iPads.
The previous operating system was released in June for developers and later in autumn for the rest. It didn’t have much new compared to the previous version, iOS 7, but it was accepted well. As we have already learned, we have to wait till, at least, summer, for the official announcement from the company.
The 9th iOS is on the go, we are pretty sure of this. It will be assumingly released later this year, as the history of the previous releases suggests. Approximately at this time, Apple might surprize fans with a new smartphone, iPhone 7. However, the latter is just a speculation.
iOS 9 will probably be out somewhere between summer and fall 2015.
Are you excited about the new software that Apple may announce later this year?

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