Google Glass 2

Soon after the first Google Glass was released, it has become known when the second edition is expected.
The Google company has been doing intensive engineering for two months before finally revealing to the masses their new product, Google Glass, as a part of a limited offer. Eric Johnson and his company APX Labs are responsible for the programming part and making eyeglasses look what they are starting to look now.

The innovation behind Google Glass

Google in cooperation with APX Labs (with the abovementioned Eric Johnson as its head) have been working on the new-generation wearable device which is currently very much business-oriented, Google Glass.
APX Labs is known for developing Skylight, a software platform for smart glasses products. Besides, the company helps software developers create apps and gadgets which specifically fit in with the Google Glass technology.
As Eric Johnson operates his development company, there have been rumors regarding Chinese developers from Crystal Optech being invited by Google research facilities in the US to provide their expertise on the smart glasses project. This information has been retrieved from Slash Gear from May 2014. There is lots of other gossip on Google Glass 2, which only underlines the general anticipation of the general audience.
It is stated that Google Glass will support at least Android 4.4.2, and will use Glassware, an application created specifically for Google’s wearable device.
Despite the fact that the first and original version of Google Glass was far from perfect, it has encountered great enthusiasm from everybody within the IT industry, from its leaders to common users. The prospect is such that portative personal computers may one day go into the past.
Google Glass 2 is scheduled for the release at the end of the current year, but it’s likely that it will be postponed. While the geeks and IT enthusiasts are in the state of great anticipation, they are wondering if the price remains the same. If $1,500 for a piece seems fair, more money for the device may scare off potential buyers.
Google Glass 2 is expected to be released at some point in 2016.
Have you tried looking at the world wearing Google Glass already?

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