Google Glass 2 Release Date

Google Glass 2 release date
Google Glass 2 release date was scheduled just recently after the release date of Google Glass in its first edition.
Two months after Google’s forefront engineering, Google Glass, has been made accessible to general society for a constrained time offer, Eric Johnson of APX Labs has hopped from making the venture side of the modern eyeglasses to its product creation.

About the innovative technology of Google Glass

Presently led by Johnson, APX Labs is accomplices with Google for the organization’s Glass for work activity, for the most part determined to advance Google Glass as a business arrangement.
APX Labs has been building a product advancement stage called Skylight, went for helping people and organizations create programming projects and headset applications for Google Glass by making the methodology more straightforward.
While Johnson has been appointed to help Google Glass accomplish the organization’s new objective of offering the fate of programming to the modern part, gossipy tidbits about Google Glass 2 being as of now in the works have been surrounding about of late. In an article by Slash Gear in May of 2014, it was said that the Chinese innovation goliath Crystal Optech has recommended that they have supplied specimens of their advances to America’s Google Research through different mediators.

Google Glass 2 release date was scheduled

What will Google Glass 2 be?

Google Glass 2 release date and news states that the new device will be also  running on Android 4.4.2 and has recently as of late propelled Glassware, the application intended for Google Glass in May of this current year.
While the first Google Glass can be viewed as a model and still has a vast opportunity to get better, the product titan has put a ton of confidence in the conceivable fate of registering which can possibly leave laptops and desktop machines behind.
Google Glass is situated to be accessible to shoppers before this present year’s over, yet it is still indistinct if the current sticker for the innovative contraption that remains at $1,500 will dishearten the general population.

Google Glass 2 release date will probably be in 2016.
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