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Apple iWatch release date was confirmed. The new product of the American company Apple  iWatch – will go on sale in early 2015. This was reported Friday on its website the newspaper Financial Times.
In June, the Los Angeles Times wrote that the sale iWatch, which will be presented to the public on September 9 could begin as early as October 2014. According to the American edition, the price of the gadget in the US market will vary in the range of $ 199-299.
Meanwhile, according to Financial Times, "people familiar with the plans of Apple, said that the device will go on sale until early 2015". Developed by the American company "smart watches" do not appear in the trade network in the lucrative pre-Christmas sales period, the newspaper said British business circles.
Financial Times also wrote that, according to its information, the gadget that gets the experts codename iWatch, is likely to be launched on the market under a different name.

apple iwatch release date was confirmed

"Smart watches" work as a miniature computer. Experts predict that iWatch will support the platform HealthKit and HomeKit.
The first of these devices will allow owners to monitor their pulse and blood pressure, as well as to monitor physical activity in sporting activities. The second will allow to interact with consumer devices, for example, to control the media player AppleTV.
The newspaper notes that the iWatch will be the first new type of product that Apple will offer to the market after the launch of the market in 2010 Tablet PC iPad.

Apple iWatch release date is yearly 2015.
You can find this gadget in stores in March or April. Expect for further announcements.

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