Android 6.0

The new operating system Android 6.0 will be soon released for Android-based smartphones.
People from all around the world have been using Android devices for quite some time now. Google’s mobile OS has an appealing story of namings, especially liked by those with a sweet-tooth. Frozen Yoghurt, Jelly Bean, and Gingerbread are just a few that come into one’s mind. Every following OS version comes with a new letter of English alphabet and a corresponding dessert. Thus, Android 5.0 was named Lollipop.
Although the latest Android has been a satisfactory experience for everyone, people keep asking for more and wondering when the sixth Android will finally come out.

Some info on Android 6.0.

Numerous rumors confirm that the new system is in development. The hardware and software segments are shared between Chiphell and Google, respectively. Before anything got confirmed, the 5.1 version update was released in early winter 2015.
It is almost certain that capital letter M will be assigned to the upcoming 6.0 Android OS version.
According to Reuters new agency, Android M is planned to be actively integrated with the Google Auto’s software. The upcoming Android will be the operational system of the car, which will make connecting one’s phone absolutely unnecessary. The Android Lollipop’s functionality will allow the Android Auto owners have access to maps and navigation, music, and other nice things right in their vehicle. The first cars will be supposedly available in 2015, while making a debut at this year’s CES. In June, Google I/O will be exhibited. As a part of the conference, announcement regarding or presentation of the Android M operating system is much anticipated.

The mysterious M

There have been lots of guesses concerning the M in the Android M OS. The only thing that is sure, is that it’s going to be sweet. The Internet is full of suggestions, such as Android Milky Way, Android M&M’s, Android Milky Bar, Android Marshmallow, Android Mud Cake, and even Android Meh.
The new Android 6.0 / Android M will be released in fall 2015.
What do you think the new Google’s operating system will be named? Will it be Marshmallow or Milky Way?

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