Ultimate Staycation Season 2

Pergo announced the launch of a brand new reality series under the title “Ultimate Staycation”. The show was created as a part of Pergo’s advertising. Pergo released an unpredictable project consisting of eight episodes planned to be released in the end of summer this year. The first season of the show concluded in September.

What is a Staycation?

Ultimate Staycation Season 2 Cast
A staycation is a mix of two words – "stay" and "vacation". There’s another synonym for it – “holistay” (made up of "holiday" and "stay"). Staycation denotes a period of time in which people stay at home participating in various leisure activities within a certain location. They spend nights in their own beds. They visit local tourists’ attractions and popular entertainment sites. They participate in fun activities like horse-riding, hiking or paintball. Staycation also includes dining out. Staycations gained popularity in 2007-2010 in the United States of America – it was a period of financial crisis. In 2009 staycations also became popular in the UK because spending time overseas is a lot pricier. Some of the staycationers like to establish certain regulations, planning, setting time limits for certain types of entertainments. The aim is to imitate a traditional vacation.

About the Show

Ultimate Staycation follows homeowners fond of staying in while going out often. Another aim of the project was to showcase Pergo products demonstrating them through storytelling. Every new episode of the show concentrates on the art of staying at home without being bored. Atmosphere created by Pergo inspires staying at home while spending a marvelous vacation.
The format of Ultimate Staycation suggests that one couple survives a month without leaving their home. The participants of the project are Kate and Andrew. They are ready to test their marriage passing through a number of challenges in order to get a cash prize of $20,000. So, will they be able to master the staying in art?
Ultimate Staycation Season 2 Spoiler


Kate and Andrew first met in high school and fell in love with each other. They reconnected in 2011 and never separated after that. They rent a tiny apartment living together with their dog named Locke. They got married in 2015 and now they’re getting ready to buy a home of their own.

Second Season Release Date

There’s no relevant info about the possible release date or renewal of Ultimate Staycation for season two. Is you’re interested in the exact premiere date, follow our news – you will be the first to know when it will happen. The show hasn’t been cancelled yet and the next season air date is surely on the go.


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