Treetop Cat Rescue Season 2

I bet you’ve watched a lot of shows where people are saved by other people after horrific incidents and accidents connected with car crashes or weather. But what about pets? Have you ever thought what they feel being stuck in places from where they simply can’t get back? Treetop Cat Rescue is a reality project about cats in life-threatening circumstances. Show it to your kids and they’ll never ask you about the value of pet’s life watching how they struggle for life. The show started broadcasting on Animal Planet in in the end of spring 2015. No guest stars were invited here cause the center of attention here is cats stuck in trees. This show will help you see why the cat can’t get down from tallest trees on their own and what can people do to help them out.

The Filming

It’s simple – the show films the process of getting cats down from the tall trees. A specially organized company does it – it’s Canopy Cat Rescue consisting of two guys – Shaun Sears and Tom Otto. They’ve got equipment and bring the saved cats to their owners or find new owners for the stray ones. They also demonstrated how to deal with tree climbing equipment, which is very educational and entertaining at a time.
Treetop Cat Rescue Season 2 Poster
Treetop Cat Rescue is filmed around Seattle.

What Does The Company Do?

  • Pass through wet forests and navigate sloping trees to save difficult cats.
  • Investigate the cases of missing cats and find them.
  • Chase and save cats at night fighting with weather changes and forest animals.
  • Try to get contact with hostile and sometimes unpredictably aggressive cats.
  • Get the cats out the garden thick hedges.
  • Save deaf cats.
  • Jump from tree to a tree after the scared cats being aware of the wild bees.

Support the Project

Treetop Cat Rescue Season 2 Promo
The hosts of the show and the main stars of it are two wonderful guys in love with cats. Shaun Sears and Tom Otto, experiences tree climbers decided to combine their abilities and interests together to make some useful work. They managed to save about 500 cats for the last two years!
The trouble is that the show works only on donations. They use their personal equipment and spend a lot of personal time saving cats for free. Canopy Cat Rescue hopes that media and social networks will support their project all along with the viewers. The show will continue if the supporters are found.

Season 2 Release Date Depends on the Viewers’ Support

No news about the continuation of the project. The show depends on donations, so let’s hope for the better and do our best to support Shaun and Tom to see the premiere of the 2nd season together!


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