Tiny House Nation Season 4

Have you ever thought of creating your own tiny house where the cozy atmosphere will reign? No matter whether your answer is yes or not, following this project, you are destined to be inspired to create this design your mini-dream home. The series has three seasons launched, as of today. It is a turn for the fourth one to appear on FYI next year.

Main Production and Broadcast Issues

The series under discussion is a new-format series where the exploding trend of extreme downsizing in America is shown.
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The original renovation project is hosted by John Weisbarth and renovation expert Zack Giffin. The production is lying on Loud TV.
The release of the first chapter has been held on the independent FYI network on July 9, 2014.

Concerning the Concept

The hosts of the show named John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin visit various corners of the country in search of families who want to contrast their mini dream homes where the maximum functions will be included in the minimum space.
Traveling across the states, the hosts come to the understanding that there are brilliant families who’ve endured difficulties and must start over now.
So, John and Zack are set to take up just 500 square feet of total space and turn it into the home of dreams each time in every episode.

Latest Season

In the third season, in the pioneer episode specifically, a family who faced permit issues that threatened to halt the rebuilding of their home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina is shown.
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Among other characters, whose lives are on the edge of catastrophe, we should name a mom and her toddler who live in an off-the-grid trailer in California and a steam-punk themed home built for cross country travel in Utah.
No matter what the size of their home is, the hosts are just compelled to cope with each case making a space comfortable and cozy.
The second part of the third installment has appeared in March this year. In the first episode, NBA player Matt Bonner and his family are featured. The hosts should figure out a way to fit a pro basketball player into a tiny home that he and his family want to inhabit.

No Announcements Regarding the Future

The series does not keep maintaining the level of viewership. Are you surprised? Well, do not hurry up to get upset, as by saying this, we have meant the considerable rise in rating figures in comparison with the previous installments.
So far, there has been no news regarding the fate of the fourth installment. Will it take place ever? Can we hope for the fourth season? When can we expect the exposal of the Tiny House Nation season 4 release date?
We have no another choice here but wait for the official announcements that are to be made supposedly next year. Keep expecting the news together with our service and lets us know what your opinion towards this show is in the comments below. Is it a worthy project for following according to your personal point-of-view?


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