The Voice UK Season 6

The Voice UK is a talent show produced in Great Britain. The creator of it is John de Mol. It’s based on the original idea of The Voice of Holland. The show started on the 24th of March 2012 on BBC. The cycle of the show consists of five different steps. They are: audition, blind audition, battle, knockouts, and, finally, live shows. The one who wins gets a nice cash prize of ?100,000 accompanied by an official contract with Universal Republic.


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The Voice is a worldwide famous reality TV series featuring four coaches in search of gifted artist. Each of the participants has a chance to become a global superstar. The original idea of the show and its concept are expressed through its title: “The Voice”. Those who participate are not judged by the way they look. The judges only hear the voice, cause they’re turned to the participants with their back. The singers pick up a song (usually, a well-known one) and perform a piece of it in front of the crowd seeing only the backs of the couches’ chairs. If the vocal abilities of the singers somehow surprise or attract the judges, they can press the button that spins the chair around. This way the couches show that they choose a participant for mentoring him or her in a group together with other singers. There are four couches and if two, three or all of them press the button, the participant chooses a mentor. If no one presses the button, the participant is sent home.
The Voice was several times described as a massive, exciting and touchy series. That’s an attractive project both for younger and elder generations.

Producers’ Auditions & Blind Auditions

Producers’ auditions aren’t released on TV. They are used to filter the participants at the very beginning. Blind auditions, are held in front of the coaches turned to the singers with their backs. If they like the voice and the abilities of the one they’re listening to, they press the button and turn to the singers with their faces giving them a chance to choose a mentor. Each coach is permitted to get no more than 12 singers. That’s why their choices must be careful and wise.


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Before the battle, the coaches fully dedicate themselves to the contestants. They train them developing artistic skills giving them sensible tips and priceless secrets. On this stage the participants of each team are split into couples. They sing together on one stage and the couches have to make a choice between them. Only one singer from the duet can stay.


Almost the same as with the battle stage, but the singers are divided into the groups of three performing a song in trio.

Live shows

These are live performances with the participation of the public. The last eight artists competed live on TV. It’s the hardest phase of all cause the couches’ opinion on the performances often doesn’t match with the one of the public.

Season 6 Release Date

The airing of the 6th season will certainly start in 2017, however, the exact release date must be scheduled. Let’s wait for the new broadcasts together.


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