The Recruit Season 3

The Recruit is a football reality show released on Australian television. Fox8 channel started airing on the 16th of July 2014. The one who wins the show becomes a member of AFL – Australian Football Team.
The new episode of the first series was presented by Ryan Fitzgerald. Michael Voss was the main coach. In the second season Mick Malthouse changed places with Voss. The assistant coach of the project is Ben Dixon (a former Hawthorn player). The Elite Performance Manager is Leigh Russell. The High Performance Coach is Darren Burgess.


The Recruit Season 3 Cast
There are some certain rules for those who wish to enter the project:

  • The participants can’t be former members of AFL club list;
  • The participants must be older than 20;
  • The participants mustn’t play in a senior state league in the last two years.

The participants of the project are undoubtedly talented sportsmen. All of the 13 participants of The Recruit live together under one roof facing elimination, judges and each other. Their aim is to get the ultimate prize – the one that would be a significant step closer to their future career and incredible success.

Release Dates

The Recruit Season 3 Spoiler
After a tremendous success, The Recruit was prolonged for season two. The second season air date was planned for the 18th of September 2014. However, later the project had to be pushed to 2015, and later to 2016. Multiple factors influenced the producers’ plans. One of them is Voss leaving his place as coach.
On the 3rd of August 2015 new members of the cast were announced including  it Gary Buckenara as scout. Fitzgerald said that he’s not going to get back to The Recruit as a host (however, the producers persuaded him to host the finale of season 2). Season two started airing on the 20th of July 2016.

Third Season Release Date

There’s no official info on the renewal of the series and Fox8 is not sure whether they want to continue with the project. However, the project hasn’t been shut down and there are chances for the renewal, cause the ratings are pretty stable. As the show is mostly non-scripted, the producers have no idea when the will get back to the filming of The Recruit season 3.


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