The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2

Are you ready for the new addition to the internationally appraised franchise known as The Real Housewives? If yes, let’s get into particulars of this very show that has already one season under the belt and is officially renewed for the second premiere. Stay tuned with our service and you will get to know about the launch date at first hand, as we monitor the state of affairs scrupulously.

TV show review

In order to broaden the franchise once more, the producers of The Real Housewives decided to create its Potomac version. The narration of the reality show is set, thus, in the town of Maryland.
The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Poster
True Entertainment produces the new addition to the franchise surely. The debut and so far the latest season was set on the Bravo channel in January 2016.
The team of executives is spearheaded by Steven Weinstock. The rest of the cast includes Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Glenda Hersh, Blanca Barnes-Williams, Lauren Eskelin, Ashley McFarlin Blue, and Andy Cohen

Where are we to be transported this time?

As we have already mentioned and it is clear from the very title, the reality show is set to depict the life in into the affluent town of Potomac, Maryland.
The cast of participants includes six women, the immediate inhabitants of the elite town. They are all African Americans. Their everyday routine life is depicted in the well-known traditions of the franchise.
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Viewers’ response

As for the question about ratings, we should note that here the situation is promising. The first episode managed to gather 2 million watchers. It is more than enough in order to speak about the further production.
Nevertheless, in spite of the good ratings of the pioneer parts, the developments of the events were not so much favorably appraised concluding from the decline in the amount of viewership. It seems to us that watchers have not picked up something new following this series. But this only a subjective point-of-view.
As for the reviews, they are also average, much to our regret. We can explain this only saying that this kind of show is for either loving or hating it. Tus, we cannot expect some rhapsodies when listening to opinions towards this show.

Following the current situation

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Cast
Though the series ratings leave much to be desired, its developers are not hesitating when it comes to renewing the show. So, the sophomore chapter of it is to appear sometime in the near future to the luck of the loyal followers of the franchise. Another chance is given to improve the ratings. But can we actually expect something extraordinary from it?
In any case, another round will take place come rain or shine and we have nothing to do but to keep our eyes open in order to get you acknowledged when The Real Housewives of Potomac season 2 release date appears. Stay tuned with our service and you will get to know everything at first hand, as we monitor the state of affairs scrupulously.


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