The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 4

A comparatively fresh show named specifically “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” is currently on the bubble waiting for the official statement made by its developers who keep mum now much to the regret of the show fans. But let’s hope that it is just a matter of time, nothing else.

What is known about the TV show?

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is basically a TV project in the form of a reality show fabricated and broadcast particularly by British companies. The home channel which presents the serial since January of the previous year is considered to be ITVBe.  Looking at the very title of the series, one can guess right away that it turns to be about charming members of the community in Cheshire perched in the UK.
The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 4 Poster
This given project presents a part of the famous set of co-products. It is created by the company from the USA. The latest third season has been put to airing very recently if to be more concrete at the beginning of this month. So while we have another part in the run, we can so fat do not bother about future announcements about the revival in order to enjoy the fresh episodes to the full.
The fabrication team is presented by the only one company entitled the Monkey Kingdom. The filming is set particularly in Cheshire as well as in Greater Manchester.

The participants of the project

The participants are reckoned to be six women. They are Ampika Pickston, a single mom being currently divorced who is in possession of a beauty salon. The second one is named Dawn Ward who is considered to be a spouse of the former football player; she is, by the way, working as a designer. Lauren Simon is an ex-model for FHM who now sitting at home dealing with her duties as a mother. Tanya Bardsley is currently a writer who provides people with advice how to lead a successful life. Magali Gorre is considered to be also a writer and the last one in the list of participants is Leanne Brown who is dealing with developing a fashion line for kids.

The second chapter is distinguished by the majority of performers reprising their roles and also by reinforcements represented by Seema Malhotra, a fashion designer with her own brand label, Stacey Forsey, spouse of a boss in a huge company, and some others.
What is also worth mentioning when it goes about the story depicted in the serial is that it is chock-full of dramatic events. That is contributing specifically to the high level of the general success of the project.

Can we expect the resumption of the reality serial?

So far there is no available information concerning The Real Housewives of Cheshire season 4 release date. And there is a strong reason for it. The thing is that as we have already mentioned, the serial is now on the run and it is too early for stating the resumption. The developers should wait until the rating numbers become clear and only then they will think over the possibility of renewal. So we must keep abreast of the current situation in order not to miss new installments and inspiring news coming straight from the horse’s mouth.


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