The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7

Today we’re discussing one of the most successful American reality TV projects. It has passed through six seasons with 132 episodes in general. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (or RHOBH) is broadcast by Bravo. The very first episode was aired on the 14th of October 2010. Quite long ago. Hope it proves that the series has more than simply stable viewership. It’s a part of the Real Housewives franchise all along with the other projects under the same title. The series demonstrates the way several women from Beverly Hills deal with their personal and financial affairs.


The project deals with women living in the world of luxury. Nevertheless, the moral issue of the project is to demonstrate the real sides of their life and sometimes it seems that the troubles they pass through are almost the same as the ones of regular women. The viewers get some really valuable lessons, cause these women are morally strong, sensible and clever enough to make wise choices in tough personal situations.
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Thought Provoking Elements

  • The show demonstrated that probably each of us have that inner Erika Jayne willing to realize the craziest ideas coming to her mind hidden under the skin of a shy woman. We shouldn’t be afraid to show ourselves – it can be not only successful, but morally satisfying.
  • Munchausen syndrome is a terrible psychological disorder and we get to know more about that.
  • The housewives never feel shy or uncomfortable while talking about money issues. They tell how much they spend and they’re extremely honest about that.
  • Shopping disasters and the ways to prevent them. Even rich and prosperous women pass through it.
  • The women manage to show that what lies inside is a lot more important than all of us have on the inside. They break through serious moral sufferings in relationships with friends, unexpected family matters and love affairs. They frankly discuss the reasons of everything that has happened expressing their personal opinions.
  • It’s also a show about women friendship and things we should learn on how not to hurt those who trust us how to get the right words for the conversation and get everything back to the start after hideous mistakes.

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Good News!

Yep, we’ve got the continuation. In spring 2016, Bravo made an official announcement about the renewal. The official release date is yet to be scheduled cause the series is in the process of filming at the moment. Some of the characters are going to leave the cast.


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