The Only Way is Essex Season 19

The official resumption for the following several chapters is not a secret for us as we are aware of the contract signed between the channel and the production company. Let’s submerge into this long-running project as we think it deserves your attention for such a long history.

Giving a short sketch

It is a reality show but has the preliminary scripts, which contain the modified situations that happen to real people. The broadcasting is the matter of resolving for the channel entitled as ITVBe. It has been held there since 2010.
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The Only Way is Essex has the abbreviation – TOWIE. The current amount of seasons equals eighteen. The latest debut has been set recently – amidst this past July.
As for production issues, they are resolved by Ruth Wrigley and Tony Wood with much professionalism applied.
The narration is given by Denise van Outen. The fabrication is here behind Lime Pictures.
The series popularity is on a high level, as you have already guessed from the amount of installments. In order to maintain the healthy level of viewership, the duration of episodes was increased by twenty minutes with the launch of the eighth chapter.

Plot summary

This scripted reality show is a mixture of drama and a TV show and thus, a very exciting for following. There are real people there, the participants of the show to whom the scripted situations happen.
The participants are to experience all trials and tribulations that life can offer. It is not without success also there, in the story.
During the entire course there have been some cast changes, as, for instance, Amber Dowding has become the newest addition to the cast.

Feedback during the course

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We have followed already the thought concerning the series popularity. It is high indeed but we cannot say this about ratings, as they are average and in some cases low. It is a paradox but here it is. Let’s get closer to the issue, thus.
It has made a lot buzz during its long course, as well as has arisen the attention of critics who are not so favorable about this program, nevertheless, considering it baffling.
However, the series, being not critically acclaimed, remains the winner of the Audience Award at the 2011 BAFTA.
The scoring on IMDb is considerably low equaling only 3.1 out of 10 points. The average viewership takes place also – only 1 million watchers.

Regarding the renewals

The developers seem to be calm about the situation with ratings. The channel keeps ordering new episodes and this order is accomplished every time.
Yet in June 2015, the contract was signed in which it was stated that the series would be running up until season 21.
So, there is no intrigue concerning the series future so far. We are only left at the point of waiting for the announcement of The Only Way is Essex season 19 release date. It is felt to be around the corner and that’s why we recommend keeping an ear out for it.


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