The Mother-Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition Season 2

Relationships between mothers and daughters are almost always complicated…and what if mom and her daughter are famous media personalities?  Celebrities’ dramas are usually and mostly unintentionally revealed to the public. Everyone witnesses them.
Six mother-daughter pairs will almost practically demonstrate their dirty laundry – their darkest and most unpleasant side of life in order to somehow return the relationships back to normal. This reality is filled with thrilling drama and true emotions. The project is hosted by Dr. Debbie Magids. She’s an experienced professional that isn’t afraid to guide mothers and daughters on their way to new life and mutual understanding. The participants pass through different explosive therapies and psychological exercises to see the difference between each other and to revive the family bonds. Will it help to bring mothers and daughters together back again? Will this therapy be the beginning of something new or the beginning of the end of mother-daughter relationships?

Series Summary and Cast

The Mother-Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition Season 2 Poster
When you’re a celebrity everything surrounding you creates additional drama. However, not everyone knows that celebrities’ lives can be as challenging as the lives of usual people. Celebrities and their kids often pass through hardest periods of terribly strained relationships. Therapist Debbie Magids knows how to make people repair what they’ve ruined for no reason.
The celebrities participating in the filming of the reality are the well-known women. Here are four pairs that have already appeared on TV screen:

  • One of the most famous participants of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards together with her daughter Kimberly. Kimberly feels that it’s not her mom, but herself behaving like a grown-up person;
  • Heidi Montag and mother Darlene from "The Hills". They’ve spent more than two years separately from each other and now they experience constant misunderstanding;
  • "Bad Girls Club" star named Natalie Nunn together with her mom Karen. Their relationships have never been perfect, but they got even worse after Natalie’s grandmother’s death;
  • Courtney Stodden and her mom Krista. Courtney’s husband is a lot older than her and it provokes extreme misunderstanding and constant arguments with her mom.

The Mother-Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition Season 2 Spoiler
Get to the official webpage of the series for more info on the characters. The 2nd season air date hasn’t been officially approved yet.

Curious Fact

The last episode of the first season has never been released; however, it’s been scheduled for a number of times.

Season 2 Release Date

There’s no official info on the continuation of the project and on the release date of season two. Don’t forget to check for updates not to miss the 2nd season release date and the premiere of its new episode! Lifetime Channel isn’t planning to shut down the project.


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