The Killing Season Season 2

One of the criminal series with documentary background that captures the public’s attention from the very beginning has recently been presented on the channel A&E. It’s called The Killing Season, and the project is intended for those who love puzzles and tangled stories with criminal undertone. After the viewers watched the first 8 episodes of the program, they are looking forward to watching further series and are eager to know when The Killing Season season 2 will be renewed. Release date of the next new episode is still shrouded in mystery, but its coming would rather logical authors’ decision. The show is likely to return soon, and everything that is remained is just impatiently waiting for the continuation.

Developers of the Series

The Killing Season Season 2 Poster
The first season premiere debuted on November 12, 2016. Eight 43-minute episodes of the new season have already gained a great popularity among the audience.
The director of this documentary series is Joshua Zeman, a producer and scriptwriter who also is a narrator of the show. He is working with the crew of professional producers selecting cast and distributing the program on TV. These people are:

  • Rachel Mills;
  • Richard Perello;
  • Peter Brendt;
  • Mari Gilbert.

The channel broadcasting The Killing Season is A&E, the network which is going to present to the audience the following season air date.
The Killing Season Season 2 Spoiler

Plot Peculiarities

The story of the series describes the investigation of one of the most controversial criminal cases of modern America – serial killer activities, who committed his murders in Long Island. The show’s creators are trying to find new details of the mysterious incidents related to this person, conduct interviews of witnesses and are searching for evidences of this outdated case, which, however, didn’t lose its relevance. In addition, the crew of the project is traveling around the country exploring other similar criminal mysteries and looking for proof or disproof of this or that police version.

Series Rating and Chances for Renewal

The last eighth episode of The Killing Season proved that the program is very popular among the audience. On website IMDB its rating is 8.1/10, and this result is very remarkable for just one season. The second season release date is still not known, so stay tuned not to miss the information when new episode will be released and get the schedule of this upcoming crime series.


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