The Katering Show Season 3

The Katering Show combines a genre of comedy and a format of a show. Hailing from Lead Balloon Productions, the project went on the air in 2015 on the ABC AU channel. Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are the cast members of the show. They executive produce it working in harness with the trio composed of Rick Kalowski, Brett Sleigh, and Kevin Whyte.
The duration of each new episode equals only 10 minutes. The first season included 6 episodes. With the latest debut, the volume has been extended to 8 parts. The second season release date is August 3, 2016, by the way.
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Parodying Cooking Shows

The series can boast its originality, surely. The themes for depiction and mockery are related to those connected with cooking and food. This variety starts with ethical eating and different diets and ends in food port and red ramen. The show is led in a caustic and biting way. Be prepared for this if you decide to follow it.

Favorably Received

It is a rare case indeed when a show is highly appraised by critics but here it is. The favorable reception comes not only from critics bur also from ordinary watchers. The score on IMDb constituting perfect 8.8 points out of 10 proves the worthiness of the further production once more.
As for the viewership during the TV broadcast, it is not so large – only about 0.6 million watchers per each new episode. This is peculiar already for the second season premiere. In comparison with the first debut, it is a decline, surely. Meanwhile, on the YouTube channel, the series has been followed by more than 6 million people, as of today.
The Katering Show Season 3 Cast
What is your personal opinion towards this show? Is it worth its production? How do you think? Is it sufficiently witty for you? Do you wait for the appearance of the new season air date? What are series chances of the renewal for the following installments? Share your impressions with us!

Potential of Renewal

The charismatic female hosts of the show, perfect kitchens, and appealing recipes are the features needed by women when trying to relax. The chance that the series will be renewed for the third season is high. We should not much worry about the resumption thus,  as well as about The Katering Show season 3 release date. The latter one can come out only next year while the former is near in revealing. Stay tuned for the revival-related news!


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