The Carbonaro Effect Season 3

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General Overview

The Carbonaro Effect is a reality show created in the USA. It’s a hidden camera practical jokes show. The premiere episode was aired in May 2014. The host of the show is Michael Carbonaro – a prankster and a magician who perform tricks and pranks with people filming that on a hidden camera. The directors of this reality project are Phil Britton and Leo Scherman. There are 3 seasons in the show with 40 episodes filmed in total. The show is aimed at the viewers of all genders and ages.
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Plot, Cast and Crew Details

It’s simple – Michael Carbonaro (an true magician, but a prankster deep inside) performs unexpected illusions and plays amusing tricks in people in their everyday boring life. If one usual day you experience strange double visions or images of creatures from space or maybe you see how someone smashes just one orange getting a whole carton of orange juice. Probably, you’re through the Carbonaro Effect and there’s a hidden camera somewhere near. Michael will never let you know that it’s an illusion – you;ll be pretty sure it’s real. The Carbonaro Effect is true fun with close up magic.
The crew: Michael Carbonaro, Keith Ham, William Tokarsky and Kevin Marshall Pinkney.
The executive producers of the project are Russell Arch and Simon Fields.
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Facts and More

The popularity of the show was growing too fast. That’s why Carbonaro became very recognizable and was forced to wear wigs, hats and glasses in order to hide his appearance. He also started using fake names to conceal himself.

Season 3 Release Date

The 2nd season started in October 2014. The 3rd season has already started on the 23rd of March 2016.


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