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Australian television is also full of shows, which serve to show how homes can be renovated. On of this TV program is “The Block AU” which serves to present a competition among the groups of brilliant specialists. Have you got interested in this show? If yes, let’s get closer to the very concept.

Brief review

As a regular portion of renovation competition, the series under the title “The Block AU” comes to be broadcasted on the Nine Network, the Australian media resource. Adding to the issues of the story genre, we cannot but mention that it is a home renovation, design, and decoration reality show.
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The series is successful enough. This conclusion comes from even looking at the number of seasons the series has got already under its belt.
As for the immediate creators and inspirers of this reality project, here they are Julian Cress and David Barbour. The fabrication studio is presented by Cavalier Productions with the executive team spearheaded by Justin Sturzaker.
The first premiere was held as far back as in 2003 specifically at the very start of that hot summer. The current number of season equals eleven with the latest one premiering already in September 2015. The eleventh cycle was entitled, by the way, as “The Block: Blocktagon”.

Following the idea

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Five groups of professionals who know their onions when it comes down to renovating houses will have to make from the former hotel a high-end and classy complex. They are given only ten weeks to accomplish this task. Each season comes to be devoted to one hotel, by the way. So you are given an opportunity to penetrate into the world of the service watching this show.

What about ratings?

The ratings of the show were originally high. Nevertheless, the time has put a stamp on the ranking level as the viewers have turned to be a little bit tired of the range of ideas repeating from season to season.
In order to improve the situation, the developers decided to take the series “back to basics”. Thus, the number of episodes was cut, as well as the duration of each one now constituting one hour instead of 90 minutes.

When can we expect the release of the next already twelfth season?

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The latest release was set in the previous September. Thus there is much ground to affirm that the twelfth season is expected to be given a successful start in this already upcoming autumn and why not but here one trouble is knocking at our doors. The case is that due to the decline in ratings the show is possible to be closed finally. This turn of events is not satisfying us and we hope you too. The developers just need to add some fresh ideas and the ratings will improve.
In any case, we are left now in the cold regarding whether to expect the next installment or not. The Block AU season 12 release date is yet to be determined, as well as the series official resumption that should be announced. Stay tuned in the case the early appearance of any kind of info.


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