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Among the variety of modern news programs that daily talk about many unpleasant events the satirical show The Beaverton, which is a boon in today’s complex world, may be distinguished. The viewer gets the opportunity to at least temporarily forget about the problems that occur in the world, and enjoy the comedy news provided by charismatic and cheerful hosts. Comedy Network Canada channel has recently completed broadcasting episodes of the first season of the show, and now the public is interested in when The Beaverton season 2 will be aired. Release date of the next new episode is not still known, and everything the audience can do is just waiting for the coming of the renewed series and hoping that the second season premiere will debut as soon as possible.

Authors and Developers

The Beaverton Season 2 Poster
The pilot season one which was launched on November 9, 2016 consisted of 13 episodes each lasting about half an hour.
The crew of executive producers whose main task is developing the series includes the following professional personalities:

  • Bill Lundy;
  • Jeff Detsky;
  • Laszlo Barna;
  • Luke Gordon Field;
  • Melissa Williamson.

The company responsible for the return of The Beaverton with one more season is Pier 21 Films; the channel which is supposed to present the following new season air date is Comedy Network Canada, the channel from North America.

Plot Specifics and Cast

The Beaverton Season 2 Cast
The main characters of the program tell fictional news, based on real events and facts that have occurred recently. And the comic style of presenting does not leave indifferent even the most skeptical viewers who prefer serious news reviews to entertainment. The main characters of the show are comedians from Canada Miguel Rivas and his colleague Emma Hunter, parodying various presenters’ serious manner. Among the journalists who take part in the so-called news stories one can find well-known Canadian actors of comedy, such as:

  • Donavon Stinson;
  • Laura Cilevitz;
  • Marilla Wex;
  • Aisha Alfa and others.

It is expected, that when new season start is launched it will bring even more funny stories and ideas. Anyway, the continuation is being strongly awaited.

Show Rating and Prospects for Renewal

Satirical manner of the series is highly appreciated by the public who is eager to know when season two is going to air. Finale results of the rating are not positive enough: on IMDB the project has a 5.5/10 score, but the number of viewers is quite large. The average number of viewers was about 6 million, thus, there are all the chances for the following season release date to be announced soon. Stay tuned to receive the schedule of episodes and make sure that The Beaverton will definitely be renewed.


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