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Today we’re discussing one of the most popular reality projects not only in the USA and other English speaking countries, but all over the world. That’s a dating time show. The creator and the producer of the show is Mike Fleiss; the director is Ken Fuchs. The host of The Bachelor is Chris Harrison. The project turned out to be so successful that it was immediately followed by a number of spin-offs under similar titles. It passed through 20 seasons and 205 episodes in total. Now the fans are waiting for the 21st. So, what is this all about?


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The show concentrates on a single bachelor. He’s got a whole bunch of romantic interests (usually 25). In the end, he’s choosing the only one that’s going to be his wife. The participants pass through a number of elimination steps till they get to the final one where the bachelor makes the proposal for one of them. The women travel to exotic locations filled with romantic adventures together with the main hero of the project. The show is also intercepted with conflicts of different kind both between the contestants and the bachelor.

Other Details

The viewers have probably paid attention that the series doesn’t often follow the same predicted plot and the planned events in there are often altered. What can be different?

  • One of the eliminated candidates can get back to the show for a second try.
  • A bachelor eliminates more candidates or doesn’t eliminate them at all sometimes.
  • A bachelor sometimes eliminates the candidate right in time of the date.
  • The bachelor doesn’t always make a marriage proposal in the end.


The bachelor interacts with women throughout the show and in the end of each step he presents a rose to each of the participants to demonstrate that he wants them to stay in the project. The one who doesn’t get the rose is eliminated. Those who do not receive a rose are eliminated. Everything depends on emotional state of the bachelor and his personal feelings toward every woman. Usually roses are given at the ceremony; however, they sometimes can be given in time of the dates.
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It may be a competition after which the winners get more time with the main hero. The competitors should be able to produce positive impression on the bachelor. The dates are usually one-on-one and two-on-one.
Sometimes, cocktail parties are held. On these parties the bachelor has a chance to present a first impression rose. Usually they are given out at the final ceremony where one of the participants gets nothing. She has to pack her suitcases and leave.

Release Date of Season 21

The 20th season concluded on the 5th of September this year and the producers have already made the official announcement of the renewal. It’s planned to be released somewhere in January of 2016.


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