Taking New York Season 2

A new reality project on E4 has been broadcasted in the UK only since the last year and despite this has garnered already its reputation, as well as its followers who are in anticipation now waiting for the confirmed second season which should emerge later this year.

Some principal production issues

Premiering in February 2015, the new reality show on E4 “Taking New York” turns to be inspired by such producers as Andrew Mackenzie (The OG Girls, Cult of the Vampire, As Worlds Collide), David Clews (The Vote, Our School, Educating Yorkshire), and Sharyn Mills (Strictly Come Dancing, Made in Chelsea, Girlfri3nds). Now we have only one installment consisting of eight episodes.
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Describing the storyline

The reality show concept centers on achieving an American Dream by young ladies and guys who have set off for New York for it. The series events are showing the trials and tribulations, as well as fortunes of these young people.
The series filming is set surely in New York. There is a great number of participants in the show. They are hailing from different social layers, as well from various spheres of activity and profession.
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Let’s name at least some of them: Amy Purssey, art gallery curator; Megan Purssey, London’s SOAS graduate in the beginning of her career; Matt Charles, general manager at a bar; Gagan Chadha, bar owner; Ben Waddell, model; Danny Schwarz, model; Georgina Leigh, marketing intern; Henry Rogers, model and club promoter; James Rees, actor; Sophie Pape, special events producer; Jamie Jewitt, model; Sophie ‘Sumner’, model and blogger.

What are the ratings?

Though the idea of this project cannot be referred to the fresh ones as there are some similarities with such British projects as Made in Chelsea, and others, the series is reckoned to be a rather popular among young people. Why does the viewership consist of young guys and girls in the majority? The reply is obvious. The thing is that watching this series, they are inspired to make their dreams come true.
The success of the series that is shown specifically in an imposing amount of favorable reviews is due to the very charisma of the show heroes, as well as due to depiction the most famous American city called New York.
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Catching up with the news

Before the final episode of the pioneering chapter was released, the developers of the series had decided to clarify the situation with this successful project having revived it for the next installment since the ratings had been much more than simply satisfactory.
As for now, the second circle is already underway. Regretfully, other details have not been unraveled so far. And it seems that they are not near in coming though the premiere is preliminarily scheduled for this year. The Taking New York season 2 release date remains so far unknown that’s why we should keep our eyes open in order to catch the news about this project as soon as possible.



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