Street Outlaws Season 8

That’s one of the coolest projects aired on Discovery Channel. It’s growing popularity and stable ratings made the producers prolong it for the seventh season that started airing on the 25th of April 2016. Rumors on possible continuation are still spreading, but reliable sources keep silent. Let’s have a brief look on the series for those who have no idea what’s this all about. If you’re a devoted fan interested in future broadcasts scroll down for more info on the release date of Street Outlaws.

Vivid Street Racing Reality

Street Outlaws Season 8 Poster
This form of entertainment has exploding popularity all over the world. Street Outlaws demonstrate the way it goes in United States of America. Most part of the filming is done in Oklahoma city – it’s extremely popular among street racers not only from the USA but from all over the world, cause racing and thirst for speed wipe away national boundaries giving way to exciting pleasures and unforgettable racing experience. This reality project is about stubborn drivers willing to hold their title in tough competitions. There are 10 drivers participating and they have to do their best to move up.

The List

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The List is a sort of a tradition kept by the creators of Street Outlaws some years ago. Racers in Oklahoma City passed through several generations and local racing communities upgrade their cars and develop their racing skills to the limit in order to somehow move up The List. These underground racers are also willing to get together in one team to prove that they can beat any challenge. They managed to state that they have the fastest racing cars and most determined speed lovers in the country. Tune-in to Street Outlaws and watch how drivers bet their lives and their money to get the glory in The List.
Get to the official webpage of the project to find the full list of racers in The List.
Street Outlaws Season 8 Cast

Release Date

No matter how hard we tried, but we failed to get any officially approved info on the continuation of Street Outlaws – just rumors. It’s a bit early to say something about that, cause the seventh season just started in spring this year and all we have to do is wait for the news from Discovery Channel! However, nothing is said about the cancellation of the show, so we’re likely to continue watching this exciting racing competition next year!


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