Street Art Throwdown Season 2

Tired of looking for some fresh facts on the upcoming seasons of It Street Art Throwdown? Lost in millions of links leading to nowhere? We’re constantly searching for new update about the possible and officially approved future broadcasts. Check this out if you’re looking forward to the 2nd season of It Street Art Throwdown.

General Overview

Street Art Throwdown is a reality competition TV project created in the USA. It is aired on the Oxygen Channel. It’s a totally unique project with quite an unusual format. It’s a daring and groundbreaking TV project filled with adrenaline and strong emotions either for participants and for the viewers. Street Art Throwdown concentrates on Justin BUA – a host celebrity street artist.
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Format and Crew Details

Street Art Throwdown is a competition TV project with real people acting as participants. 10 most famous and successful street artists compete against each other. Their talent, stamina and stubbornness are put to the test. The participants will have to do their best to show themselves and demonstrate their best qualities pushing their skills to the limit. The winner of the first season of the project gets an impressive sum of money – $100,000.
Street Art Throwdown competition show is filmed in Los Angeles, California. The artists are climbing walls and fences, getting to the tunnels and navigating deep under the ground to get unique and most impressive mural installations. They create coolest 4d arts in the urban environment. The challenges are always tricky.
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Lauren Wagner (the Director of Pop International Galleries) and Justin Bua act as Judges. The series is directed by Gary Shaffer.

People’s Attitude

Unfortunately, the project received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. Part of the viewers called the project wacky, because the ones who participate in the competition are not doing their work professionaly – what they do, can no more be called “art” cause they sold it for money. They have no freedom of the street and they are not able to depict actual Street Art.
Street Art Throwdown Season 2 Promo

Release Date Info

The first season was officially released on the 3rd of February 2015 and was very successful. Unfortunately, there’s no officially approved info on the continuation of the project. Comment down below if you know more about that.


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