Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood Season 2

Though it is high time to announce whether the project under the title of Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood is canceled or renewed for the second installment, developers are tight-lipped about this, unfortunately. Is there any hope for renewal? Or the cancellation is much more probable? What are chances of both cases? Let’s revise these issues in the article.

Main Aspects Regarding the TV Show

Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood follows the life of musicians as they are climbing their career ladders and try to balance their working and family issues with Joseline attempting to find areas of common interest with children of Stevie.
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The series is a spinoff to the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta series. The first release is dated back to January 2016 on the VH1 network. The freshman installment is the latest one at the same time and is composed of eight episodes with the duration of half an hour each. The duo of companies entitled as Eastern TV and Monami Entertainment is behind the production.

What is the Concept?

The idea of the TV show is clear enough from the title. The main characters of the real-life story are a music producer and musician Stevie J, his wife singer and actress Joseline Hernandez, as well as children of Stevie named Dorian, Sade, Stevie Jr., Savannah, and Eva. They inhabit Los Angeles, California, in particular.
The pair is provocative pursuing to achieve superstardom when entering the high society of Hollywood. So, they are set to climb to the top of the entertainment industry ladder.
Meanwhile, Joseline attempts to become closer with Stevie’s children. Surely, there are the usual ups and downs in their relationships.

How was it Received?

Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood Season 2 Promo
The series is noted for superb results. About 2.5 million watchers per episode were following the real-life story during the broadcast of the whole freshman season. Is not it inspiring enough for developers? The couple’s explosive and charming appeal is finding the response in people’s hearts. So, why not to develop the project further?
What is your personal attitude towards this TV show? Is it pointless or not? Do you consider it a promising one? What drawbacks does it have? Let us know what you think of this in comments below!

Chances of Renewal

Considering all above-mentioned results from the airing in January 2016, we are almost sure that the second installment will appear in the future. The chances of the cancellation are slim. Well, you may stop worrying now about this so far. The resumption has not been announced, as for today. Thus, we are left in the cold to expect at least something announced on the official resources.
Keep your chin up, as the news can come off at any moment now. We will monitor the situation for you. Stay tuned for updates if you follow this project and you will not miss the exposal of the Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood season 2 release date.


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