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Shahs of Sunset is TV show created in the USA and released by Bravo channel. The series was released on the 11th of March 2012. The series concentrates on people of Iranian origin living in Beverly Hills. In the USA they are often called "Tehrangeles". They deal with everyday struggles to keep hold of their careers, social and private lives with family customs and specific traditions.
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Current Cast

  • Reza Farahan. Was born in Iran in 1973, but brought up in Beverly Hills. Works as a real estate agent and sells property in LA. Adam is his husband. He’s gay and has to deal with everyday attitude of people surrounding him. Decided to get to the project when he got to know that a lot of teenagers commit suicide because they had been bullied for being gay. Reza decided that he could be a role model for those who still feel embarrassed about being themselves. Reza and Adam Neely developed a strong relationship since 2010. They got engaged in the end of season 3. In the fourth season they had troubles with their relationships – it made them postpone the wedding. Hopefully, the marriage was arranged. Reza’s father is Jewish, and his Mom is Muslim.
  • Golnesa Gharachedaghi, nicknamed GG. She’s an entrepreneuse however in the beginning of the show she didn’t work depending financially on her Dad. She was raised in a wealthy Muslim family. She spends much time with her friends at daytime and doesn’t stop socializing even at night. She’s got quite a lot of tattoos. She’s a fiery person always ready for a combat. She always says that a number of schools kicked her out because of the constant fights. Her father is an architect.
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati comes from Venice, California. She’s an artist. Managed to launch the production of Diamond Water. This bottled water contacts with diamonds before it’s bottled. Soltan Rahmati graduated from UCLA and became a professional Psychologist and thoughtful Philosopher. Her parents decided to leave Iran as political refugees- at that time she was a little girl.
  • Mike Shouhed. Deals with selling property in Los Angeles. The members of his family are Persian Jews.
  • Mercedes Javid nicknamed MJ. One more real estate agent. Had serious troubles with her weight. At the age of 14, her physician suggested her a diet. MJ has horrible and unsatisfying relationship with her mom. However, she feels very close to her dad. Works together with Reza.
  • Shervin Roohparvar. A newcomer in the show. He’s looking for a right lady to start a relationship. However, his search has never led to anything decent.

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Release Date

Season 4 of Shahs of Sunset started on the 2nd of March, 2015. In summer of 2015, It was renewed for one more season. Looks like the producers aren’t planning to give any hints on the renewal of the project for season 4.


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