Secrets and Wives Season 2

Navigating through challenges in marriage and divorce, the heroines of this documentary are coping with their troubles sooner or later inspiring ladies watching this series to move forward no matter what is happening to them. The series is so far a newbie and waits for the confirmation of the renewal for the second chapter.

Brief review

Aired on Bravo, the new American TV show under the title “Secrets and Wives” aims at showing the lives of six women to us as they experience their marriages and divorces.
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This reality show is a feather in the cap of the producers from the Haymaker studio, specifically of Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Michaline Babich, Omid Kahangi, and Michael Call. The first season was opened at the start of June 2015. This opening season is so far the latest one.

Concept summary

The heroines of this show were six women who grew up on Long Island. They are named Andi Black, Amy Miller, Cori Goldfarb, Gail Greenberg, Susan Doneson, and Liza Sandler.
All of them come to experience happy, as well as sad moments in their lives. Here the narration touches the challenges of marriage and divorce.
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The idea of this show remains in some way that the Real Housewives, one of the most popular American TV shows, depicts. However, there is one strong reason to separate these shows. As one of the main heroines has noted, the principal difference lies in that the women on Secrets and Wives have known each other for several decades, thus inside out. They are involved in each other’s problems and are always ready to lend a helping hand being true friends.

What are the reviews?

The reviews are of the controversial type, regretfully. Thus, the success of  Real Housewives has not been replicated. Looking at the scorings on various websites that are gathering marks towards various shows, serials, and movies, we can conclude that the story leaves much to be desired though the idea seems to be rather promising in its nature depicting the real friendship. Maybe, the focus is a little bit shifted in the narration giving it a rather half-baked appearance.

Regarding the resumption

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Taking into consideration all above-mentioned regarding the project ratings, it is hard to predict in fact what the future of this project will be. Only time can now show whether the Secrets and Wives season 2 release date will be ever exposed.
Embarking on guesswork, we can suppose that the story is next door to cancellation. If the predicted launch timeframe is June 2016 that has been already passed and the renewal has not been confirmed, story annulation is much more probable.
Nevertheless, there is still a tiny hope that the developers will put faith in this project again giving it a second chance. But in this case, they should generate more ideas for bringing them into life. As this turn of events is possible, we should monitor the situation in order to provide you with as much info regarding this project as we can.


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