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The wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life, and most brides before these event experience real stress, because they have to do a lot, and most importantly is to find a perfect dress that will fit perfectly on a figure and will not emphasize any visible defects. A well-known project on TLC channel “Say Yes to the Dress” helps brides to cope with these tasks, and its creators work exclusively with such customers. By today it has already been presented 14 seasons, and the interest in the show of both women and men is quite understandable. All the viewers today have an important question: will “Say Yes to the Dress” season 15 be released? Release Date is unknown yet, but the authors have confirmed that the series will go on, so the fans shouldn’t worry about possible termination of translation.

Creators and Producers

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The channel responsible for the release of the program is TLC, the famous American network, representing a variety of popular projects. The story is narrated by Roger Craig Smith, the American comedian, whose voice is beloved by the audience. The executive producer of “Say Yes to the Dress” is Grace Inge. The company distributing the series is Half Yard Productions.

Plot Peculiarities

The basic idea of the show is the work of certain entrepreneurs and managers, specializing in the sale of accessories for brides and engaging in consultations on a variety of issues. The experts who have already spent a lot of time in this business help the future wives to turn their wedding into an amazing event and provide an opportunity to forget about all the problems. Thus, among the brides who applied to “Say Yes to the Dress” are those who couldn’t find the most suitable dress, who had difficulty with being overweight, who couldn’t cope with too intrusive relatives’ tips, etc. A very common problem is the lack of money, especially when it comes to buying exclusive clothes by famous designers. The price of dresses is very different: the cheapest samples’ cost starts with $ 1,300 and the most expensive can reach a value of $ 40,000.
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Ratings and Continuation Prospects

This famous series is a really popular one, and the confirmation of this is a long term of broadcasting, as the show “Say Yes to the Dress” has been translated since 2007. As for the ratings, on one of the most respected in the world sites IMDB its figure is 5.2 / 10, which is not very much. However, the format of the program is unique and special, and it has been filmed several spin-offs, which have also had success with the audience.
The length of each episode does not exceed 22 minutes, so that all the seasons are filled with a mass of events, and the public has the opportunity to observe many different brides with their problems, joys and accomplishments. The fans hope that despite the absence of any information on the release of season 15 the creators will not stop and continue filming a successful and beloved all over the world American reality show, famous for its catching and exciting plot.


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