Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Season 10

It is high time already to announce the verdict of the Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta series future. What is will be? The level of ratings is healthy, so, we can expect info at any moment now. Therefore, be in the swim following our service in order to miss the start of the release.

Brief Review

The series under discussion is a long-running entertainment show on TLC. The settler was released for the first time in July 2010. Five years have given nine installments to us. The latest one has premiered at the start of this year.
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The series production is a matter of concern for the producers from North South Productions. By the origin, the series is related to the spin-off group that hails from Say Yes to the Dress.

Penetrating Into the Idea

What dress should the heroines choose exactly? This show specialization is wedding dresses. So, braids, you are given an opportunity to buy the one that fits most at the Bridals by Lori, a shop in Sandy Springs. It is reckoned to be one of the largest boutiques for brides in the whole Atlanta area.
The heroines for this show are chosen among those who have applied for participation earlier before the new season in underway. It should be mentioned that they receive no compensation for taking part in the program and are not obliged to buy a dress from the store.
In any case, every bride dreams of a chance of such experience, as Lori Allen, the owner of the store herself, as well as managers and consultants named Monte Durham and Flo Waters are offering many charming variants of dresses that fit a certain lady most of all according to their body constitutions and wishes.
Durham and Allen have been working also in harness on a TV series entitled as Platinum Weddings beforehand. And that is the explanation, why these names are so familiar to us.
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Emotional Winner and Renewal Predictions

The series has many advantages. It is amusing, as well as useful to some extent for those ladies who are searching for their best wedding dress. The staff of the store is always kind and caring towards their clientele providing them with as much advice as they can.
Nevertheless, there are many on-goings in the series that touch the psychological aspect of choosing a wedding dress. The bride should make a choice under all kinds of pressure hesitating about what is the most perfect for her. Thus, the emotional level in the show is high enough and this attracts people most of all.
The series has garnered practically a unanimous acclaim from viewers throughout the course enjoying a high level of ranking since it is light for watching without all those violent things that are peculiar to modern television programs.
The series chances of renewal are, therefore, high and we should expect the release of other installments on TLC. The next chapter is to appear supposedly at the start of 2017. So let’s stay tuned together in order not to miss the Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta season 10 release date.


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