Save My Life: Boston Trauma Season 2

Medical dramas is not a rare case on the modern television no matter what country we are taking into account. However, medical shows cannot be watched so often. To this genre, an American newbie “Save My Life: Boston Trauma” is referred. The series is yet waiting for the resumption for the sophomore chapter.

Making a short outline

The series sin its core the project that shows how people’s lives are saved due to the efforts of experienced doctors. It is a reality show and a documentary as well broadcasted on the American channel entitled ABC. The studio for fabrication here is named Lincoln Square Productions. The head of the producing team is Terence Wrong.
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The first and so far the latest release of the series was held in the previous summer and since that time nothing has been heard from the developers regarding the revival of the project.

What is the concept?

The first thing that should be taken now seriously and thus matters is that this series is a new format with a unique idea for depiction. This medical drama gives us a chance to penetrate into the working life at hospitals. The shooting of this series was not without assistance from Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts General. These two are, by the way, ones of the most reliable medical institutions with traumas teams knowing their onions when it comes down to saving lives.
So how the lives of Americans are saved? The answer to this question you can find following the serial. Surely, there are some cases when doctors are unable to bring people again to life although applying as much effort as they can. But this is a rare case and in the majority of them, people are recovering.
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What should be also mentioned is that the daily operations are shown specifically in the trauma department where people find themselves all of a sudden. Thus, it is the emergency of cases that the residents of the hospitals are embarking on.
The first case that is depicted in the pioneer episode of the first installment involves teenagers who are gunned down on Main Street in Boston. The residents of Massachusetts General Hospital are embarking on this case making impossible to save them finally.

Ratings and reviews

Save My Life: Boston Trauma Season 2 Cast
Due to the feeling of suspense and tension, while watching this series, the project has garnered positive reviews from critics. The excitement of the story is joined also by the very idea conveyed there – we should know the value to the lives of people as well as our own ones.
As for the exact figures, we should name here the rating during the pioneer episode constituting more than 3 million people.

Regarding the renewal

Though the ratings are high enough, we cannot walk on air now, as the series resumption is now a question for discussion. So the developers are yet to define the fate. Surely, nothing can be said now about the Save My Life: Boston Trauma season 2 release date. However, let’s hope for better and stay tuned together with us.


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