Sacred Steel Bikes Season 2

Sacred Steel Bikes is another addition to the line of motorcycles’ shows on Discover channel. The opening season premiere was arranged at the start of this fall. In particular, the freshman season release date was September 12, 2016. The current number of episodes equals five yet we expect the continuation of the reality show in the future.
Half Yard Productions is the studio behind the production. The cast of executives includes:
Sacred Steel Bikes Season 2 Cast

  • Sean Gallagher,
  • Abby Greensfelder,
  • John Jones,
  • Craig Coffman,
  • Christo Doyle,
  • John Slaughter

Following the Concept

Jason Wilson and his crew of mechanics are always ready to take on a new case of a motorbike that needs to undergo the immediate customization in their garage.
The enthusiasts in their field of activity, these guys will provide us with an adrenaline-packed fast-paced narration, as they are united in the most unusual bike clubs in the world. Motorbikes are their passion and they are ready to spend all their life working on their undertaking. The clientele is so wide that the crew of professionals cannot suffer from the lack of orders.

Audience Feedback

Sacred Steel Bikes Season 2 Spoiler
As for the viewership, it is much average – 0.7 million watchers per each new episode. This can be explained by the variety of the similar projects on the channel. Nevertheless, the charisma of the characters adds much to the interest tackled in the hearts of the viewers.
What is your point-of-view regarding this project? Is it to your liking or not? Are you a fan of such shows? Do you feel the enthusiasm in your veins when following the show? Would you prefer this project to others of the same type? Share your impressions and thoughts regarding these issues in the comments below!

No Updates as for the Future

As for today, nothing has been said of the series future. The way of narration in this series seems to be dear to the taste of fans of such shows. Thus, the potential of renewal is strong. The continuation of the show is in the cards.
When may the next season air date be revealed? The Sacred Steel Bikes season 2 release date may become exposed only next year if the verdict is in favor of the project bright future. Stay tuned for updates and you will be informed of any kind of news in time!


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