Rusted Development Season 3

A new show about car restoration is wrapped up in the Rusted Development project broadcasted on Discovery Channel since spring 2014. The current state of affairs is such that the series is on the bubble waiting for the announcement of the third season.

Making a short sketch of the whole project

It is an American show developed to please the male audience with yet another portion of videos narrating about cars and their restoration. The series is in possession of another title, specifically “Lords of the Car Hoards”. This was the original name of the series. From the second cycle, we have been dealing with Rusted Development already.
Rusted Development Season 3 Poster
The series is broadcasted on Discovery Channel. The first opening was held in March 2014 while the sophomore one was released in the previous September.
The series is collaboration effort of Discovery Studios and New Entertainment Research & Design (NERD). The principal names that are connected with the real life story are John Farrar, Craig Coffman, Jago Lee, Victoria Noble, and Gary Shapiro.

What is going on the series?

As the series title was changed after the release of the first season, let’s turn at once to the events in the second cycle.
From the second cycle, Rick Dore and Chuck Palumbo start reincarnating their SLAM garage. The cars that are destined to experience their new lives are a 1957 Thunderbird, Palumbo father’s 1965 Corvette, a 1936 Ford Coupe, a 1937 Zephyr, and also some others.

Following ratings

The new garage show comes to be perceived as something worth watching it but rather half-baked. Only in such a way we can explain the average ranking level that appears in front of us on various websites that are gathering points for a variety of TV projects. For instance, on IMDb, the scoring comprises 6.3 points out of 10. It is not so disappointing but not inspiring and promising. Nevertheless, it contributes to the chances of the future revivals if the developers decide to give it another opportunity to improve ratings.
Rusted Development Season 3 Promo

When can we expect the release of another chapter?

This question is worrying the loyal followers of the series. Moreover, there are certain doubts appearing in our minds that the story is next door to cancellation. Can we expect that the third season will ever take place?
The Discovery Studios is keeping mum regarding all these issues much to the regret of all of us. Thus, we are left in the cold having only the opportunity to hope for the best changes in the situation with the project.
The Rusted Development season 3 release date remains also unknown and we are not under the illusion that it can appear sometime in the near future before the revival is not announced.
In any case, let’s stay tuned in order to receive news as soon as it is possible. We will be monitoring the situation for you pursuing to deliver info timely and at first hand. So, follow our service.


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