Rich in Faith Season 2

What do you think about religion? Are you a faithful person? What do you believe in? If you are interested in religious issues, this new show is for you, certainly. It gives another look to stereotypes proposing fresh ideas for overthinking. The series has only one season under its belt without no further revival but we are hoping for inspiring news to come off at any time now.

Main Aspects for Highlighting

The series under discussion is a reality series with an original idea for conveying which is clear from the title. This series takes a deep look into the life of the church.
Rich in Faith Season 2 Poster
It is a newcomer on Oxygen crammed into the programming slate in December 2015. The fate of the sophomore cycle is unknown considering the fact that it is high time to do this.
As for the concrete companies behind the production, they are the trio of by Magical Elves, Jason Kennedy Productions, and You & I Productions.

Following the Concept

The central personalities of the reality story are Rich Wilkerson, a fourth-generation pastor, and his wife named Dawn Cher?. They are the founders of the Vous church. Within eight years earlier they had been serving in Trinity Church in Miami with Rich’s parents.
The series focuses on showing the new approach to religion and faith. They are set to break stereotypes regarding all religious issues in the minds of people. Their path towards the happiness of their family is also the theme for unfolding. The challenge of juggling their private life with a spiritual work is faced with much inspiration and enthusiasm.
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The public has known Rich Wilkerson since the times when he sealed the marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Florence, Italy. In which way has it influenced the audience response?

Feedback from the Audience

The show may remind you such shows as, for instance, Preachers of LA. They come to be blamed, however, for the wrong representation of the preachers. For this, the given show cannot be criticized. Such a fact make the series different from all other shows of the same type.
The look at religion possesses its freshness and this cannot but tackle the interest of the audience.
Standing as a part of the new programming list of the re-branded channel, Rich in Faith has contributed to the growing of the channel ratings.
Rich in Faith Season 2 Cast

What can we hope for?

Taking into account all above said, we are left to conclude that the series is bound to appear on screens again and again.
So far, there is not news regarding the show future though it is high time to make statements to please the audience and maintain the anticipation level about the program. As the renewal is not a confirmed matter, we should not look forward to the Rich in Faith season 2 release date. It is just senseless. However, keep abreast of the situation together with our service if you follow this reality series, for the revival can be around the corner.


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