Quit Your Day Job Season 2

Quit Your Day Job is a fresh portion of inspiration from Original Productions and Fremantle Media Company. The producing cast includes:

  • Philip D. Segal,
  • Jeff Bumgarner,
  • Kevin Williams,
  • Jeff Conroy.

The distributor is the Oxygen channel. Eight episodes are available now. As for the freshman season release date, it is March 30, 2016. Consequently, we may obtain info regarding the following installment soon.
Quit Your Day Job Season 2 Poster

Following Inspirational Ideas

The series serves as a guide in leading the undertaking. The participants here are aspiring young entrepreneurs and mentors expertizing in business who share their own experience.
Among them, there are Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of LMB Group Lauren Maillian, Ido Leffler, and Sarah Prevette. The latter one has founded Betakit, Sprouter, and BrandProject.
The show can inspire everyone to take this unusual chance to change everything in the life for better. The viewers receive practical advice in running business when following the show.

Audience Reception

The series lacks in its popularity.  The viewership does not exceed 0.2 million watchers. That is the highest peak of it during the whole first season premiere. With each new episode, the viewership has been decreasing gradually. With unimpressive rating figures, the series can progress in the future, nevertheless. Do you feel that the series has its potential or not? What is your personal attitude to the project? How do you evaluate chances of renewal? Share your thoughts and impressions with us by means of commenting below!
Quit Your Day Job Season 2 Spoiler
For what reasons is this low level peculiar for the show? Perhaps, everything can be explained by the tough love shown by the investors. The series should obtain its chance to be improved for better, as the idea is worth conveying it further.

When will the New Season Release be Confirmed?

So far, nothing has been said regarding the future of the project. The chances of either renewal or cancellation are equal. If the developers render a favorable verdict, the Quit Your Day Job season 2 release date can be exposed already at the start of the upcoming year. Stay tuned for news together with us and you won’t miss an opportunity to catch the new season air date in time!


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