Project Runway Season 16

Project Runway is a reality TV series created in the USA. Broadcast by Lifetime. However, initially Project Runway was aired by Bravo Network. The creator of the project is Eli Holzman. The host and the central person in the cast is Heidi Klum. The contestants must create best designs while being restricted in materials and time. The participants are progressively eliminated until a few of them are left for a final competition.


Project Runway format deals with progressive elimination starting from 12 designers in the very beginning of each season, finishing with three or four participating in the last challenge. Every new episode films new challenges requiring the designers create clothing following certain rules and restrictions to demonstrate it at a runway show. The challenges were created to put designers’ ingenuity to the test.
Project Runway Season 16 date release


  • Creating a piece of clothing from unusual materials, like apartment furnishing, recyclable materials, grocery store items, food items, plants and flowers;
  • Upcycling their own old clothes;
  • Designing for celebrities (Brooke Shields, Sasha Cohen or Tara Conner);
  • Creating a corporate fashion line;
  • Creating clothing according to specialized theme.


The filming was done in New York and Los Angeles (Season 6). The designers have no right to leave their apartments and communicate with family or friends without authorization. They are also prohibited to use internet searching for an inspiration. No pattern books are allowed.
Project Runway Season 16

Competition Arrangements

Every designer has a restricted budget to get the needed materials. Then the participants are given a restricted amount of time to finish with their designs (the shortest period of time given to create a garment is 5 hours and the longest lasts for 2-3 days; fashion week lasts for 12 weeks). The designers are mostly independent, however, in some of the challenges they have to work in groups to demonstrate the ability of collective work. When reaching the deadline, the designers dress their models selecting the style of hair, accessories and make-up.

A panel of judges evaluates designers’ projects on the runway. The panel chooses the winners and the losers basing on personal score and other participants’ opinion. The winner usually gets an immunity for the following challenge – it means that he or she will not be eliminates in the end of the following competition. However, later in the series the immunity option was cancelled. The loser is eliminated.
Project Runway Season 16

16th Season Air Date

Project Runway has officially been prolonged for three more seasons; however, the upcoming season release date remains unknown, because the castings are being held right now. Don’t forget to check for updates not to miss the premiere of Project Runway season 16 in 2017!

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